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The birth of Soul Yoga

(from a newlsetter written in October, 2014)

***opening october 11, 2014***

(that's this saturday!)

It's been one year since I found a 5 leaf clover in the soccer field at Galvin Park. I knew good things would happen, I just didn't know what they would be or when they would occur. So my busy life moved forward with me and my two young kids. I was teaching about 8-10 classes a week, doing lots of volunteer graphic design and staying busy. Then in February I was hired at Yoga Paradise in windsor to teach yoga in a more full time way. Little did I know that was just the beginning of a new desire; to be in one place where students could find me and create a more consistent practice with me. Wow, was that eye opening. I got to witness some amazing transformations and be inspired as a teacher all over again!!

A few months went by and again another opportunity was presented to me. To partner with a friend and open a yoga studio. It was too good to be true and I couldn't say no! So I moved on from Paradise (it really is, you should check it out; and we began forming a new studio, "SOUL Movement." However, as life throws curves balls sometimes, it fell through."Now what?," I asked the universe. This new desire was born in me, to teach from one spot more regularly, but nowhere I currently taught had the space on the schedule.

Then, in September I went to the dentist. It was just a cleaning, but it changed the course of my life. There was a "for lease" sign on the building that I vaguely noticed. After my appointment I noticed there was no door knob on the suite across the hall, so I wandered in. WOW! The space felt perfect. I called my Dad. I called my Mom. I called the leasing agent and left 2 messages. I couldn't sleep for a week. Then finally I heard back, they would consider me! I couldn't breathe! I needed YOGA! What did I just commit to??

After that, things happened fast. So fast! I told the people around me what I was up to. The out pouring of love and support is what has carried me here so quickly. "Soul Movement" became just "SOUL" when I decided to move into this solo. After 14 years of teaching all over Sonoma County I am so thrilled to be landing in one place. My place. A place where I can again witness incredible transformations in those that create a dedicated practice.

Saturday, October 11 will be my opening day. 11 seems to be the number that all my babies are born on. My first pet, Oscar, was born May 11. My son, April 11. My daughter, June 11. My studio, October 11. Clovers and elevens, my life is touched by luck and magic. I feel blessed, overwhelmed, inspired and so, so ready for this. I can't wait to practice with you!! If you can't come on the 11th, come another day. My studio door will be open and I'll be there.

in love and gratitude,


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