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The Soul Yoga Foundation exists to support the community by cultivating health and wellness through sharing the tools of yoga in classes, leadership development and fostering outreach programs that build self awareness, equitable relationship skills and have lasting social impact. ​

501c-3 Registered Charity: 92-2143026



Soul Yoga Foundation is a collection of community leaders sharing yoga and mindfulness tools in Sonoma County beginning with the youth. We have been offering comprehensive yoga programs in public elementary schools that last 4-8 weeks and include all students and teachers and take place during the school day. We encourage students and educators to step onto the yoga mat, notice their breath, move their body and practice deep rest as a means of radical self care. When teachers are feeling well they can be better leaders and when students are feeling well they can optimally learn.

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All public schools in Sonoma County will have in school yoga programs which introduce and reinforce the social emotional learning competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making through the practice and skills learned on the yoga mat. Soul Yoga Foundation will train and mentor yoga teachers to accomplish our mission and continue to grow and support our amazing community.



We can't do this without you!

Ways you can get involved with Soul Yoga Foundation: volunteer to teach yoga for us, spread the word to schools or places that you think this program could make a difference, make a donation to our organization (501C-3), join a teacher training program and get certified to teach yoga, share our posts on your social media, join the board of our non-profit and be part of the decision making and future planning. 

We are so excited to partner with YOU!


Do you want to partner with Soul Yoga Foundation to bring yoga and mindfulness to your community? Contact us to learn how. 

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Yoga in School

A qualified yoga teacher will come to your school weekly offering 30 minute yoga sessions for each class for between 4-8 weeks. This program would include all grade levels and classes that wished to participate.


The yoga classes include breathing (self awareness), yoga poses (self management, social awareness, relationships skills and responsible decision making) and relaxation (all the above). Along with the yoga poses we incorporate yoga sequences which build concentration skills and mastery, stories, partner and leadership opportunities, and mindfulness exercises. Woven into the classes are opportunities to strengthen social-emotional learning as well as to have short discussions about health and well-being. The poses strengthen and relax the body and the breathing and relaxation exercises aim to calm the mind. 

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Yoga Class

Facilitator training

Do you want to learn how to teach yoga in your classroom or place of work? A qualified trainer will facilitate a day long training for you and your staff teaching you how to lead breath work, yoga poses, partner yoga poses and relaxation exercises for students of all ages. The training consists of mindfulness practices, yoga practicum and self inquiry opportunities which create well rounded leaders in the wellness industry.  

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Teach for us

Are you a yoga teacher that wants to give back to the community? If you are looking for yoga teaching opportunities that are out of the box we would love to have you! Teach in schools, libraries, outdoors in the park, and anywhere else you can think of. We can support you!


We have immediate openings for yoga in elementary schools this year. Please call or email for more information. 


I want to teach yoga for you! 

We are so grateful you've stopped by to learn more about what we're up to. If you want to reach out with questions, or join our team we would love to hear from you. Really!


Registered Charity: 92-2143026

Donate to Soul Yoga Foundation

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