Good for your Body, Great for your Soul


SOUL YOGA is a safe healing environment in which to take care of both your body and your soul.



We are dedicated to providing a safe healing space for movement, physical and emotional growth and leadership on your yoga mat and in the community.


SOUL Yoga and Wellness was founded by Lisa Alban Ellisen in 2014 as an extension of her lifelong
journey toward health and wellness. Her own Soul's growth through the practice and teaching of yoga
is the passion behind Soul Yoga. More than anything she wants to share with you the gifts of self discovery and a feeling of wholeness that a dedicated practice can bring.


The teachers at Soul Yoga are committed to their own growth on and off the mat and bring honesty, integrity and insight into each and every class that is taught. Even though classes are now only offered through the virtual platform, the teachers at Soul Yoga see and speak to each and every individual that is in the virtual classroom and use their words, their bodies and their listening to make a difference that matters most. Students are left feeling seen, acknowledged and connected to each other and the greater community.


All classes are offered on the ZOOM platform. To join a class, first download the zoom app, or go to, then go to our SCHEDULE page where you can click the zoom link to join the class (check your inbox or call/text 707/696.4382 if you don't receive a link right away). Classes are all DONATION based and options to pay are listed on the schedule page as well. More than anything, we believe that yoga is a necessity, especially in the current state of our beautiful world, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to access as much yoga as you need!

Please join us in class and discover for yourself how yoga can reconnect you to your body,
your mind and your brilliant human SOUL!



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