ERYT 500, 1200 hour Baptiste Yoga Influencer, Health Coach, becoming a DONA certified Doula

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My name is Lisa Alban Ellisen and I teach yoga because it makes me a better person. I chose to open a yoga studio because it may just make the world a better place. My first yoga class in 1996 was a “have to,” my employer made me go. I hated it. I hurt. I cried. I hated myself. Now, many years later, I can honestly say, most days, I like who I am and believe whole heartedly in my purpose and mission. 




SUCCESS comes in many forms, but to me my most successful moments have been when I’ve believed in myself and stepped outside my comfort zone risking failure and mistakes to find an edge of growth, opportunity and vitality.

I hope to help you become more successful as your life coach or mentor.


OPPORTUNITY to me means walking through doors even when you may not know where they will lead. Opportunity is discovering you are more powerful than you even know, and are ready to play bigger than you thought possible just by saying YES to the call.

I hope you take the opportunity to embark on a yoga teacher training with me!


UNITY is the whole package; body, mind and spirit. It is the essence and meaning of YOGA and allows us to heal from the inside out.

I hope you sign up for our on demand video library and put yoga and mediation into your life daily.


LIFE is what this whole journey is about, and it begins the moment we take our first breath.

I hope to be able to offer my doula services to you or to educate you on what a doula can offer during your birthing experience.


Baron Baptiste has been my biggest influence, though I have been inspired by many others, including my students, my children, my parents, my life experiences and my pets. The programs I lead are powerful and transformative and will allow you to discover your purpose and see what’s standing in the way of you leading your best life, the life you were meant to live. I believe we all need tools to help us be more resilient, more flexible and just better people. Yoga and the many trainings I have had the privilege of attending have provided me with those tools, and I can’t wait to share these tools with YOU.

In light and love,