Hips, Heart openers & Holds

A perfect way to transition from day to night. 

Open your hips, open your heart and hold poses for many breaths.


A slow vinyasa warm up to open the practice then we will dive deep into the well of the hips and heart space. Release stuck energy and heal from the inside. 


All levels welcome. 

(Please tell the instructor if you have any injuries before class begins.)


45 minute "nooner" to add a place of reprieve to your day. Can only stay 15 min? Great! Need to pop in late, no problem. This class is designed to build strength and flexibility along with time to restore that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed to continue the day.


See you at noon!

Power  Vinyasa Yoga

Familiarity with sun salutations recommended, but all-levels welcome.

Baptiste® inspired power vinyasa yoga, focusing on the balance of strength and flexibility to cultivate total body wellness.


Get balanced, de-stressed, strong and fluid. If not now, when?

Sunset Yoga
Sunrise Flow

For the early risers out there. One sweet hour (60 minutes) of flow to get your heart pumping and your breath flowing and to wake up with your whole being. Start your day taking good care of yourself!

Soul Flow

A mindful approach to movement that encourages a more flexible, strong and comfortable body. Vinyasa means "to place in a special way." We will flow from pose to pose using our breath as an anchor and awareness as our guide.

Temple Yoga

Temple Yoga practice is designed to foster the connection between movement and breath while refining the focus on alignment. 

Half an hour of heat building bringing blood/heat/oxygen to allow the muscles/tendons to become more supple. Then we go into 35 minutes of restorative/yin practice supporting the body with the use of props while holding the poses.

Expect laughter, lightness, ease, music and deep community to leave you feeling healthy, content, light and connected.

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YOD classes at Soul Yoga are best described as a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sandwiched inside a Power Yoga class.


YOD stands for Your Own Determination (and Yoga of the Day, a nod to our friends in CrossFit who have “WOD’s,” or Workout of the Day”). Your Own Determination means that you get to decide the intensity level of your practice. 


YOD is the perfect complement to your yoga practice. During class, you will feel your muscles burn and feel your mind and body will be at peace by the end of class.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga will focus on alignment, breath, balanced action, and cultivating strength & flexibility with equanimity. 


This class is accessible and recommended for beginners as well as more advanced practitioners.

Yoga Pose
Yoga & Psychology

Are you recovering from loss and trauma?
Do you want to be more resilient, but feel stuck?
The key to coping and healing is to move back-n-forth between times of grief and loss and to develop and internalize experiences of well-being.


This powerful combination honors both states, promotes resilience, compassion, and
builds true inner strength.

Practice flowing sequences of yoga postures for physical health.
Restorative postures for well-being and resilience.
Learn breathing interventions tailored to your needs.
Learn to hold and handle emotional opposites (security and insecurity) and be more adaptable to life's circumstances with iRest.

This class will include breathing techniques (pranayama), asana (physical and restorative poses), and iRest
Yoga Nidra meditation. All levels of experience welcome.