Why Baptiste Yoga

Don’t wish for it. Work for it. –Baron Baptiste

Soul Yoga is a Baptiste Affiliate Studio. We have chosen this path because we know that Baptiste Yoga works! Whatever your passion in life, Baptiste Yoga will provide a pathway to your full potential as a great leader. The use of Baptiste methodology gives us the tools to tap into our physicality in order to realize true possibility on and off the mat. 

The Baptiste Institute provides an outlet for members of our community to attend life-changing training programs that are designed to cause leaders. New passion and excitement is consistently brought back from these programs, inspiring each one of us to continually do the work.

Our connection with the global Baptiste community enables us to bring amazing teachers from all over the world to Soul Yoga. We are honored and excited to continue our journey as part of the Baptiste Partnership Community. 


Learn more about Baron Baptiste and the Baptiste Institute!


2700 yulupa avenue, #16 Santa Rosa, CA  95405

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